North Wing - Leonardo

This area contains drawings and sketches by Leonardo da Vinci. Larger jpeg views are available by clicking on the "postage stamp" images.

Study of a Woman's Hands

London, Royal Coll. of Windsor

This study is remarkable in the amount of life it brings to a simple drawing. The image may have been a source of inspiration for Escher's famous drawing of a hand drawing another hand; there has also been unsubstantiated speculation that this may have served as a study for hands in the the Mona Lisa. This seems unlikely, but the sketch is striking.

Drawing of a Woman's Torso

Milan, Ambrosiana - Anatomical Notebooks

This characteristic anatomical drawing shows attention to detail and copious notes.

Drawing of the Torso and the Arms

Milan, Ambrosiana - Anatomical Notebooks

Again, a typical da Vinci anatomical sketch, with close attention to detail and copious notes on all sides of the drawing.

Drawing of the Heart and its Blood Vessels

Milan, Ambrosiana - Anatomical Notebooks

Detailed drawing of the heart, notes, and accurate details that most likely are the product of Leonardo's dissections of animals and human bodies.

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